1 L / 33.8 oz with Dispensing Cap


The most indispensable product in the detailing arsenal.  No other detailing function poses more risk for damage and swirlmarks than washing.  Werkstat Wash helps prevent that.  Powerful neutral-pH, high-suds surfactants dissolve and emulsify dirt and road grime.  Lubricating agents float away abrasive soils to prevent scratching and redeposition.  Will not strip waxes and sealants and will not dry out rubber and plastic trim.  Rinses cleanly and leaves no residues.


While often overshadowed by the more glamorous waxes and polishes of the detailing world, the car wash is possibly the single most important product you use on your finish. A car wash needs to be sufficiently slick to glide the wash mitt over the surface. It needs to encapsulate dirt particles so that they can be swept away without scratching. And, it needs to be gentle enough not to strip the sealants and waxes that protect the fragile paint.

Werkstat Wash was formulated with these missions in mind. We pillaged the cosmetics and surfactants industries to select only those ingredients that met these specific requirements. Wash produces a lather that breaks down and suspends dirt particles so they can be removed by the wash mitt or rinse water. The high lubricity formula aids in this task and keeps the wash mitt floating gently over the surface. Finally, Wash rinses cleanly away so that no residue will dull the finish. Free of aroma chemicals and artificial thickeners that can leave this residue, Wash is simply a solid performer, with a light, soapy scent.

Werkstat Wash was specifically developed for use on finishes protected with our acrylic and carnauba based sealant products. With all the work you put into making the surface sparkle, don't subject it to inexpensive, generic detergents. Treat it right, from beginning to end.



1. PREPARE: Surface should be cool and shaded. Mix 30 mL (one ounce) of shampoo per 1 gallon of water for a stronger wash solution or per 2 gallons of water for greater efficiency.

2. PRE-RINSE: Wet the vehicle and rinse away as much loose dirt as possible.

3. APPLY: With quality mitt, wash vehicle using generous amounts of solution.

4. RINSE and DRY: Flush surface with water to remove shampoo. Wipe or blot dry with quality microfiber towel.