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500 mL / 16.9 oz with Dispensing Cap


The finest protective dressing available for interior and exterior plastic and rubber surfaces. Cleans, revitalizes, and protects. With regular use, stops the fading, drying, and cracking caused by UV exposure. Contains no harmful solvents. Renews the original color of automotive trim, vinyl, plastic, coated leather, and rubber. Dries quickly to a natural non-greasy satin sheen.


While the exterior of your vehicle is your show to the world, the interior is what you will most directly experience. Werkstat PROT is a unique formulation that renews all rubber and plastic surfaces, including vinyl and coated leather, so that the inside of your car will be as well maintained and protected as the outside. Werkstat PROT gently cleans the surface and lays down a layer of protection against UV damage while restoring the original, natural appearance and color of the surface.

Where other products coat the surface with an artificial shine, Werkstat uses a protective base that dries completely to the touch with a satin finish. While additional layers will build up the protective properties, at no point will the finish turn thick, oily, or gummy. And because the finish dries completely, it will not attract excessive dust or evaporate a filmy residue onto the glass like some other products. In short, Werkstat PROT renews the color, protects against cracking and fading caused by UV damage, and dries to a natural sheen. Your interior will once again look factory original.

Werkstat PROT can also be applied to tires, for long-lasting, natural-looking protection.

For best results, the surfaces should first be thoroughly cleaned of the residue left from previous dressings with a suitable all-purpose cleanser.



1. PREPARE: For heavily soiled surfaces, pre-clean with an appropriate cleanser.

2. APPLY: With lint-free applicator, coat plastic and rubber surfaces.

3. BUFF: Wipe away any excess and buff to a uniform sheen.

4. REPEAT: If desired, apply additional coats until best result is obtained. Use regularly for maximum UV protection.