500 mL / 16.9 oz with Dispensing Cap


The consummate all-in-one prep and protection formula for uncompromising shine on all paints and clear coats. Prep agents gently remove contaminants, oxidation, minor imperfections, and haze. Durable nano-scale acrylic polymers seal with a brilliantly reflective and wet gloss that protects for months from acid, heat, UV, weather, and detergent degradation. Use alone for a full detail in one step or as a base layer in enthusiast-grade multi-step routines.


PRIME is neither a strict polish nor a wax nor a polymer sealant, but a combination of cleaning and conserving agents that work together systematically to produce and maintain exceptional shine. PRIME combines within one product: cleaning agents, UV protective agents, conserving agents, and shining agents.

PRIME represents over four decades of research and experience in paint protection chemistry. The formula builds on the exceptional protective qualities of the exclusive German polyethylene-acrylic nano-scale polymers by incorporating surface cleaners that prep the paint to create an exceptionally smooth surface to which the protective materials can bond. By using ultra-fine nano scale particles, PRIME can achieve unparalleled surface density, improving resistance to environmental factors such as heat, acid, and ultraviolet damage as well as mechanical damage from surface contaminants that would otherwise mar or scratch.

As a second benefit, this microscopically smooth and level coating possesses superior optical characteristics. The ultra smooth surface ensures that low-angle incident light is brilliantly reflected for mirror-like images while the high refractive index of our acrylic polymers allows high-angle light to refract into the dense polymer coating for improved depth of color. And, the light transmittance of acrylic polymers exceeds that of optical glass, ensuring that PRIME reveals the beauty of your paint with unobstructed clarity.

Werkstat Prime is the closest an acrylic has ever come to the depth normally associated with high quality carnauba waxes yet offers the reflectance and clarity of shine characteristic of synthetics. And, in terms of longevity and protection, there is simply no comparison: PRIME trumps any conventional wax with its elastic sealing layer that resists acid, UV, weather, and detergent degradation.


While not suitable for porous and rough plastic, PRIME will not stain trim. Excess should be wiped off immediately, though.

When applying Werkstat PRIME with a random orbital polisher, we recommend either a polishing pad or a finishing pad, depending on the condition of the surface.



1. PREPARE: Surface should be clean and cool.

2. APPLY: By hand or random orbit polisher, work into paint or other smooth high-gloss surfaces with foam or microfiber polishing pad. For best ease-of-use, apply sparingly and polish until nearly clear and dry.

3. REMOVE: When dry, buff any residue with a quality microfiber towel.