500 mL / 16.9 oz with Trigger Sprayer



Carlack Insect Remove is an insect remover formulated specifically for organic substances.

Even when spraying you can see how effortlessly Carlack Insect Remove tackles highly adhesive insect remains. As with all Carlack’s products, Insect Remove is very gentle on the material.


Carlack Insect Remove ist ein Insektenentferner mit einer speziell auf organische Substanzen abgestimmten Rezeptur.

Bereits beim Aufsprühen erkennen Sie, wie mühelos Carlack Insect Remove selbst stark haftende Insektenreste löst.

Wie alle Produkte von Carlack ist Insect Remove dabei sehr schonend zum Material.





1. Spray Carlack Insect Remove on to the contaminated surfaces and leave to work for 2 – 3 minutes.

2. Wipe away the loosened insect remains with a soft cotton cloth or a microfibre cloth suited to paintwork care.

Do not rub too hard in the case of burnt-on dirt. Repeat the process until the dead insects can be removed without using force.