Also check the individual product pages for specific product questions.


I hear good things about Werkstat.  Can you send me some samples to try?

All of our business is from word-of-mouth, so we're always thankful for the kind words.  Sorry, but we do not have product samples to send in advance or to include with an order.

My car is such-and-such color.  Will Werkstat products work for me?

Yes!  It is a myth that you can't use some detailing products on certain colors.  It is purely personal preference. The characteristics of the Werkstat products apply equally to all paint colors and paint types.  If the product description appeals to you, try it out on your color!

I just purchased a brand new vehicle.  Which products do I need?  Is PRIME required for a new car?

Congratulations on the new car/truck/boat/airplane.  You will need everything we sell.  (Just kidding.)  From a detailing perspective, a new car is treated pretty much like an old car: assess the condition and choose solutions to address the specific issues.  Never assume a new car is 100% perfect!  First, you may not know how the dealer prepped the vehicle or what detailing chemicals they may have used.  Some dealers are good at this, others not so much.  And second, the "new" vehicle can sometimes be exposed to pretty harsh conditions in its travels by boat, train, and truck to your driveway.  For these reasons, we recommend starting from a clean slate with a thorough detail.  Start with a core of PRIME and JETT.  And yes, PRIME is almost always recommended. It will remove whatever the dealer may have slathered the car with, and it will remove contamination accrued during transportation. From that core, you can add products as needed.

How does Werkstat compare to Product "Y" from Manufacturer "Z"?

We're biased!  We think our products are the best in their categories.  We leave all product comparisons between our products and those of any other manufacturer to the best judges around: our customers. 

Can I use Werkstat with Product "Y" from Manufacturer "Z"?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Werkstat formulas are incredibly versatile and there is a great deal of accumulated experience out there amongst our users.  However, the Werkstat cannot test our products with those of any other manufacturer, so we make no claims to compatibility.  If you opt to use different product combinations, you are a scientist conducting an experiment!  Test first to ensure you get the results you want.

Does the Werkstat manufacture products for Company "X"?  Can I private label a Werkstat formula?

Nope.  Every Werkstat formula is exclusive to the Werkstat.  We do not sell any formulas for private-label packaging.


Do you have any discounts codes available?

Unlikely.  Most of our sales are advertised directly on the website, available to all customers.  But, be sure to join our email list.  If we do have a special discount, that will be the spot.

Where are you located? Do you have a bricks-and-mortar storefront I can visit?

We operate from facilities in the Detroit area.  While we appreciate the interest, we cannot accommodate customers at these industrial sites.