What is the WERKSTAT all about?

As a detailer, you face an enormous number of product choices in the market, and every few months, the next "greatest" detailing product attempts to capture your attention long enough to score your dollars. But at the Werkstat, we're here for the long-term. After all, that is what detailing is about: preserving and beautifying your automotive investment.

Translated literally from German, Werkstat refers to a garage, workshop, or studio. And all three of these words together begin to capture the spirit of what Werkstat.com is about. We develop products for the toys in your garage using equal doses of a technician's knowledge and an artist's inspiration.

Pardon our dust!

We're doing a bit of remodeling here at the Werkstat. New web servers. Updated products. Things will continue to take shape in the coming weeks. If you need any help, just get in touch!


We promise to only send you good things.